Did you know…? #2

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We are back with a second appointment of “Did you know..?”.

Today we are going to talk about the CUBE! What is the Cube and what does it do? To begin we have to say that in many sectors, the need of a mobile plant for the treatment of the wastewater has always been felt.

That is why Matec started to think what could we offer in order to provide a better product to our customers? The cube is the birth of new project that consists of the first 100% Mobile plant!

The Cube is a complete automatic mobile plant which can be moved around easily on any surface, it has one or more Matec HTP filter presses, a vertical decanter silo, a bifloc system and a bifang.

-What you gain:

  • 100% mobile 2) Pre-cabled 3) What’s even better is that once you place it, it’s ready to work!

-What you save:

  • No electrical Cabling 2) No civil works 3) Faster installation

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