Dewatering System

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Matec designs, manufactures and installs turnkey plants for the purification and filtration of waste water and sludge arising from industrial and mining processes.

By using Matec machines you can dehydrate large amounts of material, in order to both recover the water and reuse it and dispose of the solid material.

Matec key product is the filter press, but we would like to illustrate the complete Matec package, the one will give you the best results when speaking of dewatering systems: BIFLOC, DOSON, SILO, BIFANG, FILTER PRESS.

The best way to explain the functions of our product is by describing them through the dewatering process:

We start from a small pit made of concrete or stainless steel which collects the waste water our complete plant is about to treat. Vertical and submersible pumps send the water from the pit to the decanter silo through a pipe. But before focusing on the silo, the BIFLOC and DOSON system perform an essential function to obtain perfect dewatering results.

Halfway up the pipe, the flocculant polyelectrolyte is injected. The flocculant is a biodegradable, non-toxic, chemical product which reacts with suspended solids and speeds up their settling at the bottom of the silo. The product is prepared and regulated automatically in the BIFLOC, reducing flocculant consumption between 20% and 30% thanks to Doson system.

The Doson system works by taking samples every 2/3 minutes. They are analyzed by photocells and according to solid quantity and settling speed DOSON can regulate the product. It is the dedicated MATEC pump which increases or decreases the necessary amount of flocculant.

The silo decanter is made of AISI 304 stainless steel and designed on capacities and treated materials specifically. It carries out the clarification, a continuous process that can recover large amounts of water. Matec decanters are based on the principle of the static decantation and natural settlement of suspended solids.
Water reaches the silo through the counter-cone on top and it is clarified. Slurry becomes heavier, thanks to the polyelectrolyte action, and separates from water settling at the bottom, with also the liquid column of the counter-cone pressing directly on it. At the same time, clarified water goes up and overflows into the drainage gutter to end in the clarified water tank. In order to speed up the clarification process, every component of the decanter is accurately sized. This water is purified and ready to be reused.

Once it reaches the necessary compactness, automatic valves discharge the mud and it falls in the BIFANG, that is to say the tank used to homogenize it. A bladed gear box keeps the slurry agitated until it is ready to be sent to the filter press. Only when the mud has the desired density (40-50% by volume) the Vibron system opens the valves.

MATEC filter presses use HPT (High Pressure Technology) to work at much higher pressures compared to other filter presses (5/7 bars), reaching pressures of 16/20 bars. It is the filter press which carries out the true and authentic filtration process, by dewatering the mud. Once every plate is closed, the feeding pump starts filling the chambers with the mud from the homogenizer tank BIFANG. Thanks to pressure, solid particles are kept by the filter cloths while water flows through them and it is recovered by the drainage pipes. The filter press produces dry cakes with a very low residual moisture which fall down and are ready to be disposed of through excavators or conveyor belts
The opening of the press is done at once or in sections, to optimize time, and assuring and guaranteeing the complete discharging of dry cakes, Thanks to TT2 opening system and Gasser shakers.
MATEC high technology, with more than 20 types of controls and alarms helps to avoid any kind of breakdown and plant stoppage. Through Siemens, Allen Bradley or Schneider PLC and touch screens, it is possible to monitor the filtration times and the cubic meters produced in one hour or in one day.

MATEC machines work simply, guaranteeing 100% of working hours in Heavy-duty plants,24/7.

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