Matec high technology: make it better, make it simpler

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Nowadays, hi-tech or cutting-edge are adjectives which guarantee a certain appeal to advertised products. For us, the manufacturing of quality machines has always been the most important aspect of our business and the one we have always highlighted in advertising them. And to achieve Matec quality standards we use high technologies.

The filter press might be considered as a machine which works according to simple principles known for over a thousand years, but it is also true that some specific hi-tech accessories can be added to improve its productivity dramatically. That is to say, we use those accessories to carry out simple and efficient ideas, finding the perfect applications of cutting-edge technologies.

We have been able to develop some systems that place Matec among the worldwide leaders of filtration and purification plant manufacturing. In particular, we have focused on developing HPT, TT2 FAST and Gasser Shakers.

HPT stands for High Pressure Technology and represents the fully accomplishment of Matec challenge of being one step ahead its competitors. It is enough to compare the different pressures used to filtrate, while our filter press can work up to 16/21 BARS, our competitors’ stops at 8/10 BARS.
It is obvious that more pressure means greater results, but so much pressure is not easy to handle. And comparing the filter press to one car, it is a metaphor we like and we use in our golden rules to choose your machine too, we may say that one car which cannot be driven is dangerous above all and useless consequently.
To be more precise, to withstand the pressure of the HPT feeding pump the hydraulic cylinder must be specifically sized and it must oppose a counter pressure which is higher than the feeding one. In order to do that you need an HPT hydraulic power unit (and we test our power unit to withstand double the pressure actually employed). But why do not our competitors match our pressure? Easy to say, HPT is more expensive, and it needs better components, such as a cylinder with a bigger bore and a thicker iron framework. On the other hand, when we started the manufacturing of our first filter presses, we created them for the aggregates sector, in which application HPT is fundamental to obtain great results with difficult mud. We have always conceived our machine as HPT ones.
TT2 Fast Opening system is the fastest one for the cake discharging, less than 2 minutes for 100 plates and than 4 minutes for 200 plates.
The TT2 FAST uses two dedicated cylinders to open the filter pack, which opens in section and through the moving of the TT bar. This is a special bar that accommodates modules, within them there is a mechanical dog that will be lifted and hooked at the TT handle of the first plate of the section to pull and open it. The plates of each section are connected together by a chain whose length depends on the required cake thickness.
All the opening and closing procedure is done safely through controls and alarms which prevent any possible damage due to plate crossing.
The reduction of discharging time from 15 to less than 5 minutes can be translated into a significantly higher productivity.GASSER Shaker system is another technology which guarantees the perfect release of the cake from the plate. It is essential to avoid possible damages the mud still attached to the filtration surface may cause. The shakers are basically pneumatic cylinders that indeed “shake” the plates, the abrupt movement of the plate released by the shakers is enough to carry out their function.

To save flocculant and avoid squandering, Matec has developed the DOSON system. The flocculant is injected halfway up the pipe which carries the waste water into the silo. Matec DOSON system takes samples of the flow every 2/3 minutes and its photocells analyze them and regulate the product according to solid quantity and settling speed. Our system can reduce flocculant consumption between 20 and 30%. The increasing or decreasing of the necessary flocculant amount is done by the flocculant pump automatically.We are always trying to improve, studying new solutions for the field in which we have worked for over 10 years. This is Matec driving force.

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