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Hello everyone, today I’m going to talk with you about how important the “HTP” is for our machines and why it makes us one of the best Filter Press maker around the globe with over 1500 installations.

So to begin, what is HTP? HTP stands for High Pressure Technology, which is not used by many but here at Matec we use it in the best efficient way in order to let our plants work from 16 BAR up to 21 BAR!

(twice as much as the pressures used by our competitors 8/10)

How is it applied to a Matec Filter Press?  Some materials in order to be filtrated correctly , are in need to be processed at high pressures in order to guarantee a perfect filtration. Matec uses the best worldwide pumps at high pressure on the market and our machines are designed and verified with special programs to withstand these high working pressures.

To reassume: More pressure = more speed, which means better performances, a shorter cycle time, a lower humidity percentage and last but not least  “BETTER RESULTS”.

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