If you have knowledge of alleged irregularities, violations, conduct or practices that may cause harm or damage to Matec Industries or third parties, we encourage you to share your report. Your contribution is essential to contribute to the constant improvement of the company.

Matec Industries has adopted a protocol compliant with Whistleblowing regulations (Legislative Decree no. 24/2023), which also allows anonymous reports. Both internal staff and third parties can report facts through written or oral communications, providing information on alleged violations of which they have become aware during their working activity or which have in any case occurred in the company context.

You may use the following channels for submitting reports:

  • Online form: Accessible below
  • Email: segnalazioni@matecindustries.com
  • P.O. Box: Matec Industries S.r.l. – Via Aurelia Ovest 383, 54100 Massa (MS)
  • Direct meeting with the Whistleblowing function: At the request of the Whistleblower, to be agreed within a reasonable term in line with the regulations.

Matec Industries ensures the receipt and analysis of each report, guaranteeing the utmost confidentiality, in compliance with the provisions of the law on whistleblowing, in order to protect the honourability of the persons involved and the effectiveness of the investigations. Anyone receiving a report outside the designated channels shall promptly forward it through the communication channels indicated above.

See the Whistleblowing procedure here

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