The largest and fastest filter press in the world: Twin Frecciarossa

Boosting productivity and performance in a way never seen before

La più grande e veloce filtropressa al mondo: Twin Frecciarossa - Matec Industries
La più grande e veloce filtropressa al mondo: Twin Frecciarossa - Matec Industries

From concept to production of the Twin Frecciarossa filter press

Matec has always been a leader in Italy for the production of filter presses and wastewater treatment systems, but in recent years, thanks to an incredible international momentum, it has begun to impose itself on the global market by going side by side with established companies in the sector.

It was not easy to manage to carve out a space for itself in such a competitive market but Matec thanks to its skills, expertise, inventiveness and a pinch of genius has succeeded in this arduous undertaking; inventing in such a specific sector is not an easy thing and not for everyone but Matec’s technicians and engineers have always been a rich hothouse of ideas and solutions capable of moving the bar of excellence higher and higher.

After solutions that have won the hearts of customers over the years such as “the Cube,” a containerized water treatment plant, or “the Marboline“, a complete skid-mounted plant perfect for applications in the stone industry, 2022 is the year of a major new development that will certainly bring the group new orders and interesting new challenges, it is the Twin Frecciarossa filter press.

Twin Frecciarossa, a closer look at the technical features

Twin Frecciarossa is a huge machine capable of doing the work of 2 filter presses at the same time; in fact, it is a system designed to combine 2 separate machines in one body in order to double the amount of material treated and increase the loading and unloading speed of each cycle.

The Twin system as the word itself says has allowed to increase productivity and performance in a way never seen before with the advantage of having even in case of maintenance a plant always working; it is in fact possible to stop one of the 2 machine bodies to intervene in case of failure or normal maintenance while keeping the other body active and productive, thus zeroing production downtime.

The addition of two protective casings covering the hydraulic power units and pistons then make this machine an example of 100% Italian design and taste in addition to providing additional protection of these delicate parts, giving them a longevity never seen before.

Previewed at Bauma 2022

Twin Frecciarossa was previewed at the important BAUMA 2022 trade show held in Munich in October; for the occasion, customers and onlookers were able to experience firsthand the goodness of this engineering gem, a flagship of Matec production.

The new system is already in production and will soon be installed in the world’s best mining and aggregates plants.

Matec is a guarantee of quality and style 100% made in Italy.

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