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The Matec group was founded in 2004 for the design and construction of waste water purification and filtration plants in the marble sector, one of the most flourishing in the Massa-Carrara area. The first years were dedicated to the Italian market and were characterised by great inventiveness and a desire to get involved in a market dominated by large multinationals and established companies.

Matec is not frightened by these BIGs and continues to grow rapidly and vertiginously by entering the global market to embrace more complex applications such as those in the mining sector. Customer feedback is enthusiastic and Matec manages in a very short time to become a global standard-bearer of Made in Italy excellence.

With offices all over the world and several overseas branches, Matec is today a guarantee for quality, service and advice for all its customers.



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Matec Headquarters:
9000m² indoors, 7000m² outdoors

but always expanding…

Headquarter Matec M1 - Matec Industries

Matec Production Hub:
1000m²of office, 12000m² of workshop

Photo of workshop in Mulazzo - Matec Industries

A fully-automated production process at the Alfa Pompe site with 16000m² dedicated for you

Alfa Pompe Headquarter - Matec Industries


Matec Headquarters:
9000m² indoors, 7000m² outdoors

Headquarter Matec M1 - Matec Industries

Matec Produciton Hub:
1000m² of offices, 12000m² of warehouse

Photo of workshop in Mulazzo - Matec Industries

A fully-automated production process at the Alfa Pompe site with 16000m² dedicated for you

Alfa Pompe Headquarter - Matec Industries


Massimo Bertolucci CTO - Matec Industries


Quality Obsession
" My aim is to supply technologically advanced machines with the highest quality standard. I have an obsession with quality! "

After working in the engineering department of Piaggio in Pontedera where he experienced working in an industrial excellence, he began his hands-on training in the sector of technical systems. At first, he started as a Mechanic, then he was promoted Head of Technical Assistance, and finally Technical and Design Director.
He has created and established companies over the years.
Especially he takes care of each and every aspect of production and spare parts department, but he also focuses his work on the creation of just in time technical assistance services. He has selected and trained many skilled technicians who have always been chosen for expertise. He attended training and management courses dedicated to technical areas.
Since 2003, Matec foundation year, he has also developed skills and competences in design and engineering of turnkey systems, coordinating Matec design center which consists of 15 engineers.
He has successfully carried out projects up to 11 million euros.

Matteo Goich CEO - Matec Industries


Solutions, not Machinery
“ My goal at Matec has always been to offer solutions and solve customer problems, not just to sell a machine! ”

He has always held administrator and sales manager roles in various companies. From his very first work experience as a salesman, he was immediately able to get to know and deal with all customer needs and measure himself in sales from the ground up. He then created and developed sales networks by entrusting products to staff selected for their competence. The basis of his work is a continuous updating by attending various Masters and courses on sales, which has allowed him to increase his professional curriculum and renew his sales techniques by adapting them to the most modern needs of the global market. He has organised and participated since 1997 in international events in sectors such as; marble, granite, ceramics, mining, aggregates, environment all over the world. In this way, it has gained knowledge of the international market in the various sectors and formed important partnerships with both collaborators and global companies.


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Matec Corporation is the brand of the Matec group that deals with the production and marketing of spare parts and consumables involved in water and inert treatment systems. Our in-house cloth mill is able to produce cloths and undercloths of all sizes for filter presses of all kinds. The wide choice of materials and sizes allows us to always offer our customers

the best value money. We are also able to meet our customers’ needs for mechanical wear parts, precision components, flocculants and coagulants of the highest quality; all this to guarantee our customers maximum performance and a constant guarantee of quick and precise support. Our in-house test laboratory is always at the customer’s service to provide targeted and timely pre-sales advice. Every Matec system is designed and calculated to always and only achieve the best possible result.

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Steelworks gold logo - Matec Industries

Matec Steel Works was born from the idea of bringing together a group of engineers and technicians to be made available to private entities, design studios (architectural, civil, industrial and plant engineering) and construction companies in order to offer their technical and professional expertise gained over many years of activity.

The mutual sharing of a common purpose, a working style based on a commitment to continuous scientific updating, the use of state-of-the-art tools and software, and a special focus on the needs of our customers, all contribute to the completion of the technical expertise that individual professionals are able to express. The fusion of skills matured over years of work and continuous scientific updating and training, thanks to the new energies that we constantly implement in our staff, guarantees us the possibility of offering efficient and effective services with an increasingly wide range of activities.

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Elettromatec gold logo - Matec Industries

Elettromatec was established in 2017 as a result of an increasing demand from customers for fully automated and remotely manageable systems. Elettromatec's staff consists of highly experienced people, capable of creating installations and systems from scratch, from schematics to testing. In particular, we have a large knowledge of water

treatment plants with filter presses, thickener systems and flocculation plants.
Elettromatec also installs and sells security systems, thermal cameras with real time temperature detection for a wide range of applications, both for companies and individuals.


We use components of the best brands and manufacturers for our electrical systems.

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Alfa Pompe gold logo - Matec Industries

Alfa Pompe has been designing, engineering and manufacturing centrifugal pumps for turbid water from industrial processes and for abrasive and acidic liquids since 1971. Today Alfa Pompe is present in various countries around the world through its own sales and service network, and is continuously developing new solutions for even the most

demanding industrial sectors, such as mining, aggregate quarries, concrete mixing plants, the ceramic industry, marble and granite processing, and many others. The very high quality of the components combined with the historical professionalism of its staff guarantees Alfa Pompe the certainty of always providing the best product to its customers.
Alfa pumps, 100% made in Italy, are in fact durable and long-lasting products that require very little maintenance; the structure and engineering of these pumping systems is then such as to ensure maximum simplicity in the event of intervention or replacement of any worn parts, greatly reducing downtime. Attention to detail and craftsmanship crown a production process that reaches the state of the art, for the satisfaction and peace of mind of even the most demanding customers.

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