Matec performs both tests at customer sites, using mobile test-units to carry out industrial tests, and in-house tests thanks to its efficient laboratory that can test materials quickly and efficiently.

The tests we carry out are:

• Granulometric
• Filtration
• Permeability and fabric selection
• Flocculation and water clarification
• Sludge conditioning with lime and/or chemicals
• Turbidity on filtration wastewater
• Residual moisture

All tests, carried out in a professional and state-of-the-art manner, are delivered to the customer in a certified report to ensure the final project result.


Filtration tests and the subsequent choice of cloths enable Matec to find the perfect solution for the customer’s needs, thus achieving the best end result. With more than 100 types of filter cloths, Matec can guarantee all solutions and results desired by customers.