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Interview at Ecomondo 2022

Our Area Manager Luciano D’Alcantera guest on TG News 24

November saw our staff present at one of the most important Italian events related to the circular economy and recycling: Ecomondo, the green technology expo.

An event of international appeal on the themes of ecological transition, Ecomondo has since its inception been a high-profile and extraordinarily important event for all those companies and start-ups that make innovation and the ‘green’ theme their standard-bearer.

Matec, as every year, was present at the event with 2 stands dedicated to waste water filtration systems and pumping systems with the Alfa Pompe brand. For the occasion, one of our agents and area managers present was interviewed by TG News 24, an online news and in-depth analysis magazine streamed live on digital terrestrial channel 124.

Luciano was able to tell the microphones of TG News 24 about the areas of interest in which Matec is involved and the importance for our company to participate in an event so much in line with our ESG principles. After all, one of Matec’s mantras has always been ‘from waste to resource‘, a phrase that seemed to anticipate the green turn of the Italian industrial sector in recent years.

While many companies have made ‘green washing‘ a marketing priority to win over an increasingly nature-conscious public, Matec has always been a virtuous example of circular economy, waste elimination, water recovery and treatment, and reclamation of polluted land.

As our colleague Mr. D’Alcantera recounts during the interview, “in recent years we have had more and more requests in the world of water treatment to support the circularity of the company.” In fact, water has always been the main element around which our plants are developed; saving water has always been the objective of all our technologies because there is no more precious and inestimable good.

Plants in the C&D sector and therefore demolition and recycling are, together with the large investment of the new production facility, other important topics touched upon during our friend Luciano’s interview, just some of the many steps taken by our group over the past year.

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