IFIS Bank – The unwavering will of an Italian dream

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Two friends, two dreamers, two entrepreneurs with the ability to always throw their heart beyond the obstacle: Matteo Goich and Massimo Bertolucci are the founding partners of Matec, a company engaged in the production of machinery for the filtration and purification of waste water in many sectors. The story of Matec has the strength of an American dream, in an all-Tuscan setting: the young age, debts, the crisis, no difficulty has broken the spirit of those who don’t just sell industrial machinery all over the world, but tells the courage and the Made in Italy.

“Only by throwing you hat across the river, you will understand how to get it back” M. G.

Founded in 2004, Matec has now 120 employees and numerous offices around the world: from Turkey, to America, to Brazil, up to Australia. The turnover has grown exponentially in the recent years, reaching 40 million euros. Above all, thanks to the choice of internationalization pursued by the company.

“The unknown is not a wall, but a horizon, it is not the embankment of intelligence, but the impetus for our thirst for knowledge.”

Matec is the expression of a challenge that reappears every day: discovering unexplored lands, new opportunities for growth and business. The journey of a Matec machine starts from Massa, but arrives all over the world bringing in its gears the charm of Tuscany and the history of its founders, entrepreneurs in the soul. Matteo and Massimo have shown their talent and entrepreneurial creativity since their youth, they have repeatedly challenged the unknown, not escaping from it, but facing it with the strength of an unshakable will, solid as the marble of their lands.

Matec has chosen to support its huge energy consumption with the use of photovoltaic panels, the company also engages in strict control of the substances in the production phase, such as paints and processing waste. Sustainability is mainly generated by the company’s product: machinery that reduces water consumption by 90% and sludge emission by 85%.

Digital innovation
The company uses 4.0 machinery to allow remote control. The use of technology has gradually grown with the expansion of the company, from this was born, in fact, the need to equip itself with a management system to control projects, orders and shipments. Furthermore, the use of high-pressure technology in the production line allows the creation of highly resistant machinery which is therefore highly competitive on the market.

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