High Pressure Technology: introduction and analysis

High Pressure Technology plays a fundamental role in the efficient treatment of sludges and wastewater. This innovative approach utilizes specialized pumps such as Alfa Pompe centrifugal pumps and Matec filter presses to create a high-pressure environment for effective cleaning and treatment results. High pressure, which can exceed 21 Bar, proves crucial in ensuring high standards of filtration.

One of the primary advantages of high pressure is the significant reduction in filtration cycles in terms of time. Thanks to the high pressure generated by our pumps and filter presses, the time required to complete a filtration cycle is drastically reduced. This means that contaminated materials can be treated more quickly, allowing for increased production and greater capacity to manage volumes of sludges and wastewater.

Additionally, the use of high pressure during the filtration process leads to the production of drier sludge cakes with less water residue inside. This outcome is essential both operationally and environmentally. Drier cakes are easier to handle and transport, reducing costs and simplifying disposal operations. Furthermore, less water residue within the cakes means a higher concentration of solids, which can be crucial for the success of the treatment process and the quality of the final product.

Another significant benefit of using high pressure is the increased recovery of water percentage throughout the entire production cycle, resulting in economic and natural resource savings.

Our pumps and filter presses make it easier to separate solids and liquids. This helps recover more clean water for reuse or safe disposal. This not only reduces costs associated with purchasing fresh water but also contributes to the conservation of water resources, which is an increasingly relevant priority in the current context of climate change.

No use of hydrated lime

In contrast to competitors, Matec manages to keep the moisture content of the cake below 15% without the use of hydrated lime


High-pressure filter presses are versatile and adaptable to multiple sectors and applications, effectively handling different types of sludge and industrial wastewater

Cost savings

High pressure filtration offers greater efficiency and filters faster, leading to savings on disposal and maintenance costs

Environmental compilance

Efficient wastewater treatment by high-pressure filtration aids in meeting environmental regulations and compliance standards

Operation of High Pressure Technology and Mechanisms for Achieving Results

The operation of this technology is based on the use of centrifugal pumps for sludges with double and triple bodies, which generate the necessary high pressures for treating contaminated fluids. Alfa Pompe high pressure pumps are specially designed to handle this workload and maintain a constant pressure during the treatment process. Thanks to their ability to pump large volumes of liquids at a constant pressure, these pumps are fundamental for the success of the entire system.

Matec plate filter presses play an equally important role in the high-pressure treatment process. These filter presses are capable of operating, under ideal conditions, at pressures exceeding 21 Bar, ensuring efficient filtration and accurate separation of solids from liquids. Thanks to their advanced technology, our filter presses can handle a wide range of materials and maintain consistent performance even in extreme conditions.

Achieving high-level results with high-pressure technology depends on the synergy between these two machines. The efficiency of this system is the result of the combination of high-quality components and cutting-edge technologies working together to ensure effective and reliable treatment of contaminated fluids.

Centrifugal pumps are integral to numerous industries, serving as vital components in fluid handling systems. Among the various configurations available, single stage, double stage, and triple stage centrifugal pumps stand out for their distinct capabilities and applications.

High pressure technology triple-body pump - Matec Industries

Single Stage

Double Stage

Triple Stage

Triple stage

The triple stage centrifugal pump sets a high standard, with pressures in excess of 21 bar, making it ideal for extreme applications such as mining and aerospace, ensuring optimum performance even in critical situations.

Double stage

The double stage centrifugal pump offers an enhanced pressure of up to 16 bar, excelling in areas such as aggregates and C&D, thanks to its advanced configuration that allows efficient fluid handling even under demanding conditions.

Single stage

The single stage centrifugal pump is capable of reaching a pressure of 10 bar, offering reliable performance and adaptability for a wide range of industrial applications such as stone and ceramics.

"High Pressure Technology is crucial in our industry, certain results can only be achieved with it"

Advantages of Matec High Pressure Technology and its Products

Choosing Matec and its products, including Alfa Pompe sludge pumps, is an excellent decision for several reasons. Matec distinguishes itself from competitors by producing everything in-house at our facilities in Verona, Massa, and Mulazzo. This approach allows us to oversee every phase of the production process, maintaining stringent quality standards throughout.

Secondly, Matec’s products are renowned for their exceptional quality and reliability. Our pumps and filter presses are crafted with premium materials and adhere to rigorous production standards. This commitment ensures that Matec’s products maintain peak performance over time, reducing machine downtime and maximizing productivity.

Going into more detail, it is easy to recognize some details of our machines that demonstrate their predisposition to work at such high pressures:

  • larger piston bore is one of the hallmarks of our filter presses
  • larger hydraulic power pack size, which is required to withstand high pressures

Finally, Matec’s extensive experience and expertise in the water and sludge treatment sector enable us to offer tailored solutions and specialized technical support to our customers. Choosing Matec means investing in a lasting and reliable partnership aimed at ensuring the success and sustainability of water treatment operations.

In summary, the utilization of high-pressure technology, backed by pumps such as Alfa Pompe and filter presses like those offered by Matec, presents an innovative and highly efficient method for sludge and wastewater treatment. With their capacity to generate and handle high pressures, these systems ensure exceptional cleaning and treatment outcomes, delivering substantial advantages in terms of efficiency, reliability, and sustainability.

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