Green economy, sustainability and waste recycling

A green look into the waste water treatment and filtration sector

Green Economy, sustainability and waste recycling - Matec Industries
Green Economy - Matec Industries

Green economy what it is

Green economy” refers to the economic model aimed at achieving well-being and social equity while reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcity.

Aiming at the current state of wastewater treatment and filtration problems, Matec proposes a project model for “scientific wastewater treatment” and “sustainable wastewater treatment and filtration capacity”.

The Matec project model

It consists of achieving maximum treatment of new natural resources on the basis of geological and environmental harmonisation under the guidance of scientific development perspectives and to achieve sustainable wastewater treatment with safety, high efficiency, economy and social harmony on the premise that the risks posed by complicated geological conditions and engineering circumstances would be controlled.

The cornerstones of the Green Economy

  • the reduction of pollutant emissions;
  • the increase in the efficiency with which resources (including energy resources) are used;
  • the prevention of loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services.

The Green Economy involves, first and foremost, the disposal of secondary resources and waste, and the production of sorting, washing, treatment and filtration machinery.

For example, the most harmful waste for the green economy is waste from the energy industry. It is one of the main ‘polluters’ of the environment, releasing waste substances into the atmosphere (up to 40% of all discharges) and waste water discharges (up to 30% of all discharges).

Or, if we take the production of ceramic building materials, it is one of the most material-intensive branches of the national economy. For this reason, the use of waste from the energy industry in ceramic materials is particularly relevant.

Thanks to our studies and investment in the technologies used, our plants are able to coexist with the environment, forging a new pact between industry and environment, reducing operating costs and optimising the efficiency of the resources used.

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