Technologically advanced filter presses

The MATEC plate filter press, is an industrial machine, designed to achieve the best results in the dehydration of industrial or civil fluids (often referred to as sludge). All MATEC filter presses are designed to be used with HPT (High Pressure Technology) capable of working both at working pressures common to all filter presses, 5-7 bar, and at high pressures close to or above 16-21 bar.

Compared to other dehydration systems, the solid-liquid separation obtained through the filter press is the one that offers both the best results in terms of dry solid concentration and in terms of savings and earnings. This is made possible thanks to the highly specialized design of our machines and the use of components of the highest quality and engineering level such as hydraulic power units and pistons, oversized chassis structures and high pressure pumps. MATEC technology complies with the latest environmental regulations and at the same time maximizes plant performance.

Sectors of use

The filter press finds its use in multiple sectors, such as: