Over the years, Matec has always focused on quality, obtaining ISO 9001-2006 RINA and IQNET certifications, testifying to its qualitative and state-of-the-art production cycle. All processes, from the formulation of the offer to the manufacture of the product, including welding, are certified to guarantee superior quality.


  • Anti-seismic certification of decanters
  • Certification of pistons tested with a 2:1 safety factor (pistons working at 350 bar=5000psi are tested and certified for safety at 700 bar=10000psi)
  • Certified welding with licence
  • Certified high-strength steels
  • Switchgear and components certified CE, UL/CSA, MSHA, NEMA

Loghi certificazioni ente RINA - Matec Industries