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Answering the needs: Kelberger GmbH

Kelberger GmbH is a company owned by Mr Roland Kelberger and located in the Bavarian district (Landkreis) of Rottal-inn, more precisely in the town of Hebertsfelden. The company is active in a number of areas: demolition of buildings, recycling and storage of construction waste, treatment of inert materials (gravel and sand quarry), and transport by dump truck.

Customer’s requirements mainly concerned the processing of aggregates material such as gravel and sand of varying coarseness, both quarry material and recovered inert material from demolitions.

This kind of material had to be washed and sorted according to its diameter so that the customer could sell it to its end-users according to their needs (they are used as filling materials for building constructions, as fillers for concrete, for roadbeds, for crawl spaces in houses, etc).

A further difficulty at the site was to be able to move the different vehicles within the site between the two material and water treatment plants without the problems of vertical supports as the customer has bulky heavy vehicles and needs maximum freedom of movement within the site.

Optional: RoboWash

RoboWash is a fully automated cloth washing system. The high-pressure sprayer, located at the end of a sliding curtain, runs between each plate and dispenses high-pressure washing water over the entire surface of the cloth (including the frame), detaching and removing any accumulation of dirt on the filter cloth.

This thorough washing has the function of preserving the filter cloths over time, ensuring their perfect fit by removing any residual mud on them.

Matec solution for Kelberger plant

We provided an All-In-One Aggregates Material Washing and Classification Plant + Wastewater Treatment that allows for the treatment of both aggregate material and micro-material present in dirty water to recycle as much water as possible and select materials based on their granulometry.

Regarding the machinery movement requirement, we studied multiple solutions and ultimately agreed with the customer on a solution using a suspended bridge with tension cables to minimize vertical pillars and increase free space. This was to ensure maximum freedom of movement for various trucks in the area.

To achieve the customer’s desired results, after a careful feasibility study by our technical department, we proceeded to create a complete plant consisting of two distinct sections: one for the treatment of inert material and one for the treatment of residual sludge.

In the first plant, the washing and classification plant, we included a 2-deck vibrating screen and a desludging machine to thoroughly remove clay and silt residues from the gravel. This was followed by a complete Aggretec plant with a 3-deck vibrating screen and sand washing with 2 hydrocyclones. This entire plant is equipped with high-performance Alfa Pompe front suction pumps, which we produce.

Once the aggregate material has been washed and sorted, all the wastewater and sludge are sent to the wastewater treatment system, which includes a generous 150.000liter vertical decanter, a filter press 1500×1500/140 plates equipped with optional features like Core Blow and Robowash, essential for ensuring the longevity of consumable parts. As always, everything is powered at high pressure by our Alfa pumps, both in Hardalloy and double-body centrifugal versions, and in the front suction version.

Result achieved in Kelberger plant

The result achieved was the production of approximately 150 Ton/h of washed material through the washing plant. The Water Treatment plant produced about 16,3 Ton/wet cake per cycle (approximately 13 dry tons) of recovered material and recycled 75.000 liters of water, which were reintroduced into the washing plant at a rate of approximately 6.000 lpm.

Produced cakes are then stored in an area beside the filter press for drying before sale.

Our technicians managed to minimize ground obstacles with self-supporting and suspended structures, providing the customer with maximum freedom of movement around and between the two plants.

We would like to thank Matec Industries for the quality equipment they provided us with. The material handled is excellent, and we are sure it will help us to increase sales. A winning partnership for our future success.

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