BIF BIF, a single component including Bifang & Bifloc

Bif Bif: Bifloc Bifang

Matec, which has been offering innovative solutions for wastewater treatment for 25 years, has designed, by optimising space, a single station for preparing the flocculating solution and homogenizing the sludge.

The name of this product is Bif Bif: a single component, with two adjacent tanks, which is perfectly suited to small-scale plants often installed on mobile skids.
This solution is the fusion of the Bifloc and Bifang tanks into a single component.

The Bifloc has been designed and built to perform the following operations fully automatically:

  • automatic flocculant preparation by means of automatic dosing of the polyelectrolyte powder or liquid into a stainless steel tank,
  • sampling and turbidity analysis of the sludge to be treated,
  • automatic dosing of the polyelectrolyte solution and introduction into the clarification cycle.

The machine consists of the following main components:

  • N° 1 Stainless steel tank
  • N°1 Water supply pipe to the preparation tank consisting of stainless steel pipe
  • N°1 M/F tap
  • N°1 Water adduction EV
  • N°1 Motor reducer
  • N°1 Agitator
  • N°1 Powder or liquid dosing device
  • N°1 Control panel

The Bifang has been designed and built to carry out the following operations in a fully automatic manner:

  • Homogenize the sludge coming out of the first clarification phase in the silo, to prevent it from solidifying and to make it ready for the next filtration phase in the filter press.

The machine consists of the following main components:

  • No. 1 steel tank
  • No. 1 Agitator
  • No. 1 gear motor

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