Since 1971 Alfa Pompe designs, engineers and produces centrifugal pumps for turbid water from industrial processes, for abrasive and acid liquids. Alfa Pompe has incorporated the brand EIR, historical company of centrifugal pumps active since the ’50s in different industrial and craft sectors.

Today Alfa Pompe is present in several countries of the world through its own commercial and technical assistance network, and it continuously develops new solutions also for the heaviest industrial sectors, such as mining, aggregate quarries, concrete batching plants, ceramic industry, marble and granite processing, and many others.

The performance of the pumps is designed to meet any requirement for pumping abrasive and acid liquids. The materials used for the production of Alfa pumps range from spheroidal cast iron to superalloys, depending on the industrial applications. The bodies can be internally coated with anti-abrasive rubber (either with interchangeable and externally adjustable shells or by vulcanization).