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Combining entrepreneurial needs with respect for the environment is no longer a pipe dream, as demonstrated by the meeting between Matec industries and the Austrian company Kogler Naturstein, who in the heart of Carinthia have created a profitable and environmentally sustainable collaboration, thanks to an “All in one” solution.

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Like any successful professional collaboration, the meeting of two giants in their field can give rise to intense and exciting synergies that result in extraordinary and highly successful projects. This is the case of the encounter between Matec Industries, an Italian company that designs and manufactures wastewater treatment and filtration systems for various sectors, such as stone and mining, and the Austrian company Kogler Naturstein.

The Kogler family quarry is located in St.Urban in the heart of Carinthia, a region in southern Austria in the Eastern Alps characterised by Alpine lakes, mountains and castles. The head office with all mining, processing and sales facilities is located directly in the company’s own quarry, where the blue-green Carat, an exceptionally decorative diabase stone, is extracted. The quality of the materials extracted from their quarry makes them one of the European leaders in the field of decorative stones.

The Kogler company needed to recover waste material from the extraction of large stones. The cutting and crushing of these stones resulted in different grain sizes of crushed stone, gravel and sand, the value of which was lost and became an economic burden for the company, which had to store and dispose of them at great expense in terms of time, space and money.

The choice could have been a simple screening and washing system, but the resulting sludge (a mixture of clay, silt and water) would have become an even more difficult and expensive waste to manage. That’s where Matec Industries’ solutions come in. “Only Matec could provide a suitable solution for treating both the rocky materials and the sludge resulting from their washing,” said Werner Kogler, the company’s owner.

Matec (Machinery Technology) was founded in 2003 by the two founding partners, Matteo Goich and Massimo Bertolucci, with the aim of providing a range of increasingly reliable and modern products to meet growing customer demand. Today, thanks to their 20 years of experience, they are able to provide a wide range of integrated solutions.

Matec’s “All in One” solution, tailor-made for Kogler, was able to meet all the customer’s requirements, providing a complete wet screening system combined with a turnkey water treatment plant. A unique solution made up of the best components.

Let’s see them in detail. . .

The Aggretec is Matec’s quick-installation modular washing plant for a wide range of industries, including aggregates, recycling, reclamation and mining. Because the system is semi-mobile, it is highly dynamic and therefore also ideal for on-site work in construction and demolition.

All in One Solution impianto completo Aggretec 150 Koegler - Matec Industries

Aggretec integrates the following elements into a single machine:

  • Washing screen
  • Sand recovery and washing unit
  • Conveyor belts for transport of materials to storage
  • Pre-wired electrical control panel
  • All structures and walkways
  • Complete options / customisation possibilities for specific applications.

The line dedicated to large production plants for the treatment of sludge, especially in the aggregates, gravel and earthmoving sectors. The Filter Press Terrae line is suitable for all heavy-duty sectors, and includes the best technical specifications and state-of-the-art technology.

All in One solution Filtropressa impianto completo Koegler - Matec Industries


The highly efficient machine that washes and sorts materials such as gravel, coal, crushed stone, slag, recycled materials, cement, iron ore and silica glass. The screen parts are easy to assemble and assemble, making the Screentec perfectly integrable with other plants. It is possible to install 2 or 3 decks and to choose between different media options.

All in One Solution impianto completo Screentec Koegler - Matec Industries

They mainly consist of:

  • Support body of the vibrating screens suspended on coil springs
  • Mesh tensioning system with metal rod
  • Alloy steel shaft, grease-lubricated bearings protected by a set of labyrinth flanges
  • Adjustable eccentric weights for output variation
  • Rear feed chute and hoppers bolted to the front of the machine for material discharge


Sandtec is a hydrocyclone-based washing unit designed for the recovery of fine and ultra-fine sands. It is highly compact and self-contained, and can be easily integrated with existing systems to improve capacity and efficiency. It can be fed by sludge (usually from a washing screen) or dry material from a conveyor belt fed by an additional sludge recovery unit.

All in One Solution impianto completo Idrocicloni Koegler - Matec Industries

VERTICAL Thickener 250,000 L
Vertical Thickener are based on the principle of static decantation and natural precipitation of suspended solids. During the settling process that takes place inside Matec decanters, solid particles (sludge) settle at the bottom of the structure, while clean water overflows into the drainage system at the top and is discharged into a special tank or pit (clean water tank). Sludge settling at the bottom of the silo is accelerated by the use of a polyelectrolyte (flocculant), while the customised design and dimensions create a water column that presses down on the sludge, providing the required sludge thickness. The shape of the Matec vertical decanter, the right proportion between the cone and the upper cylinder, has been developed through experience in wastewater filtration. The degree of inclination of the cone perfects sludge thickening and the upper cylinder can also be used as additional storage space.

All in One Solution Decantatore Verticale Koegler - Matec Industries


BIFLOC: Polyelectrolyte flocculant preparation station
Matec enables rapid and automatic dilution of the powder in water for a perfect reaction of the flocculant in turbid water. Thanks to the 2/3 tanks, the perfect maturation of the product is guaranteed in order to activate all the electrical charges, accelerating the decantation reaction and considerably reducing consumption, thus guaranteeing water with suspended solids lower than 80 ppm/mgl.

All in One Solution impianto completo Bifloc Koegler - Matec Industries

The hopper is the accessory for automatic powder dosing. It automatically adjusts the powder and turns on the water inlet valve and the paddle mixer. The COCLY produces up to 50,000 litres of product without stopping and is completely autonomous. It is completely made of stainless steel and includes:

  • Loading screen: 25-50-75-100 Kg
  • Screw dosing pump
  • Digital or manual regulator, this accessory reduces flocculant consumption by approximately 15%.

Accessories for dosing systems make the installation process even more complete and automatic, reducing product consumption and eliminating the need for an operator.


The DOSON is a photoelectric cell system patented by MATEC that allows you to control and regulate the flocculant according to the quantity of solid particles in suspension in the water. The DOSON system takes regular sludge samples and analyses them in a closed chamber using electronic sensors. It adjusts the dose of the product according to the matter it contains and the settling speed at that particular point in the cycle. The water is always clarified in the best possible way. This is essential when the properties of the sludge to be treated change over the course of days. DOSON reduces flocculant consumption by 30%. It is fully automatic and requires no operator intervention.

All in One Solution impianto completo Doson Koegler - Matec Industries

The installation of the complete system has resulted in a significant reduction in operating and disposal costs, the production of dry cake with 15% lower humidity and a clean water recovery of over 95%. Significant numbers that show how the experience gained in the field can be translated into valuable technological know-how at the service of professionals and the environment.

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