Tailings Management: An overview and technology implementation of high-pressure filtration

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This paper presents and discusses the benefits of using a high-pressure filtration filter press for tailings management, after examining the typical alternative technologies currently being used for solid/liquid separation equipment.

A brief case study on coal processing as well as a feasibility study for a mine operation is used to demonstrate the success of this technology as an attractive alternative solution
to current technologies and tailings dams’ operation and Tailing Storage Facilities (TSF).
The paper proposes that the installation and use of specialized high-pressure tailings management systems can result in significant process optimization with capital and operational cost savings. Similarly, the paper recommends the consideration of the
replacement of “old” technology and removal of tailings dams to be evaluated due to its effects long term even after mine closure.
The paper concludes with the suggestion that this approach will be beneficial for new and existing process applications and shows the flexibility of integration in new and existing mining infrastructure regardless of the sophistication and process environment

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